Creating a Twitter Poll

News 06:06 June 2024:

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If you think that Twitter polls are something that is designed for the skilled marketers on this platform, you are definitely wrong. These polls are easy to compose and post for all users on this platform. Polls on the Twitter social media platform may be created from a computer by navigating to or from the official Android and iOS Twitter applications. To create a poll, you should log into your Twitter account and click on the ‘Poll’ button.

This will present you with various fields to fill; on the first box, you are supposed to type the question for which you would like the users to give views on.  After this, you will be required to enter up to four answer options for the question you have asked. After this, you should then share the poll to your followers for them to vote.

This process will not take five minutes of your time; it is as easy as posting a tweet on the platform. This being the case, Twitter polls is not only effective, but also a very fast way of collecting user views