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Fun new way to promote your home business

Are you just starting out with a brand new home business? Looking for fun and creative ways to advertise? Check out SnapChat!

SnapChat is an innovative website that allows users to post “snaps” or snapshots, pictures, as opposed to blogs and statuses. Users can post a single snap or a series of snaps to make a “story” and even a short video. And with millions of avid users logging onto SnapChat every day, it only makes sense to get on board and use this social media site as a marketing platform.

And the best thing about it is that it’s totally free. It’s easy to sign up and you can instantly start posting snaps advertising your product or service. It’s an extremely effective way to get your brand out there. Once your snaps start getting views, you will start to accumulate SnapChat Followers for your account, which will increase the likelihood of people purchasing your product. And others will see your following, and follow you as well. People tend to follow “trendy” accounts, or those with the most SnapChat Followers. More followers means more potential customers, which is always a plus! So sign up for SnapChat today and get a headstart in promoting your home business!


Why advertise on SnapChat?

You might have heard of SnapChat, one of the many social media platforms available today. But differentiates SnapChat from the hundreds of other apps? Simple, SnapChat is a social media site where users communicate through picture messages, or “snaps.”

One can communicate with a single snap or use a series of snaps to create a “story”. There is even an option to upload short video snaps. Users can then reply back with a snap or story of their own.

How can any of this possibly be related to business? Again, the answer is clear. With over 100 million daily SnapChat users, it only makes sense for businesses to get in on the ground floor of this innovative new marketing technique. Simply create Snaps and Stories to promote your business and latest product. The more views your get for your Snaps, the more SnapChat Followers will have exposure to your brand, and this can potentially lead to hundreds or even thousands of potential clients.

Over 70% of the SnapChat demographic are users between the ages of 17 and 34 so if your product targets this age range, it only makes sense to take advantage of this innovative new marketing scheme. It’s a simple and cost-effective (as in free) way to gain instant exposure for your business.

Twitter Likes and Other Services: Buying is an Option

If you are building a page, you want to make sure that you are doing something that will get a response. There are several ways to get Twitter likes, but if you are not providing the right content, you will never get what you are looking for. If you are a singular accountholder or are business owner running a social media account, there are paid ways that you can use in order to get a bigger response more quickly without wasting energies that could be used elsewhere.

For instance, you could pay a social media manager to run your account and get the likes you crave and need. You could also use a guest poster to bring some new content to your page and mix it up with your audience. Further, you may also choose to buy likes instead of spending the time and energy trying to get them on your own. Regardless, these are great ways to build your page without using the traditional methods and wasting the traditional time. For that reason, consider looking at all of your options and the financial output versus the benefit. Chances are that you will find it well worth it if you find the right types of services to buy and what will work best for your page needs.

The Long-Winded Tweets: Why You Should Avoid Them

If you are on Twitter, you need to know that the content you provide will be cliff noted. That is to say that the limit in characters will not allow you to put loads and loads of content on a page. This means that you will have to be very selective in how you phrase your content and what it is that you are trying to say. Multiple tweets in succession are one way to post more in a though, but, this has its risk.

For instance, if you are asking your users to work through ten tweets to follow your complicated thought process rather than just making it brief and to the point in the first place, then, you will struggle with getting the Twitter likes that you want. This is because, especially on social media, followers do not want to feel like they have to weave their way through a complicated process in order to get the point. They want it quick and to the point in a succinct but appropriate post. If they wanted something longer, they would head to a social media page that is known for this like Facebook. Therefore, if you want likes and you want to grow your page on Twitter, be sure to handle your account like it was meant to be: quick and to the point.